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Robert Half International, or commonly referred to as, Robert Half, is a global human resource consulting firm based in Menlo Park, California founded in 1948. It is a member of the S&P 500, and is credited as being the world's first and largest accounting and finance staffing firm, with over 345 locations worldwide. Robert Half has a variety of divisions. The Company operates through three segments: temporary and consultant staffing, permanent placement staffing, and risk consulting and internal audit services. Through its Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Robert Half Management Resources divisions, it provides temporary, full-time, and project professionals in the fields of accounting and finance. Other divisions include OfficeTeam, which specializes in administrative and customer service staffing, The Creative Group, that focuses on design, art, and creative talent, and Robert Half Legal that offer flexible and direct-hire staffing for legal professionals. In 2002, Protiviti Inc. was founded as a subsidiary of Robert Half, which provides internal audit, financial, operations, technology, governance, and risk consulting services. Robert Half is listed by Fortune magazine as among the "World's Most Admired Companies" in the temporary-help industry for 21 years consecutively (as of 2019) since it first made the list in 1998.

An upset former Senior Development Recruiter in Las Vegas, NV said this in  a review published by CAREERBLISS about the work environment IN ROBERT HALF:  "I would not recommend this company as a place to work or that allows for improvement to valuable and hard-working individuals."


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Former Employee - Recruiting Manager says

"Duplicitous, transactional, expensive to client, unethical, cheapskates"

Former Employee - Client Service Director says

"There are many cons at RH"

Former Employee - Staffing Manager says

"Does not train properly to set new employees up for success. No employee loyalty. Sells you on the job during the interview and sets unrealistic expectations, which is a losing battle in the long run. New hire training is extremely disoriented and rushed which leaves you feeling UN-prepared to fully exceed at the role. Upper management plays favorites in a very obvious way. When asking for help, it is given but only in a 5 minute conversation. Upper management has verbally yelled at peers, been visibly upset, and creates a hostile work environment for the office regularly."

Former Employee - Division Director says

"Commission and splits very poor"

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"I was on Robert Half's Creative Group Outside Sales team. My experience aligns with a lot of the negative reviews here. Empty promises, disconnected management, no loyalty, minimal guidance. I was dialing all day, every day, and when no one wanted our over priced, under skilled temporary employees (literally didn't blame our "clients", we offered no real value that they couldn't find elsewhere lmao) I asked my boss "what should I do, I can't get any hits, no one wants our temp staff?" He essentially told me to come in earlier, stay later, and give up even more of my time after work to attend functions and meet and greets. I was already working 50 hour weeks. Then, JUST as I am starting to get some interest after four months of grinding, I was let go without any warning. Even my team was shocked, one of my coworkers grumbled that they should have given me at least two more months. Cannot NOT recommend this company harder, anyone giving this place positive reviews is either a brainwashed sheep or has had dumb luck in their role."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Non genuine executive team, unattainable goals, greed comes before people"

Current Employee - SPS Consultant says

"They'll sweet talk you into accepting less pay than you're worth. They will not discuss pay increases or provide annual raises based on inflation. If the client has more holidays than Robert Half throughout the year, expect to lose a couple of your PTO days which are already few. The training tools they provide are quite poor quality. If the client wants to hire you full time, Robert Half will fight tooth and nail to not have it happen. Much of the other "talent" they've provided my client have been unskilled, leading me to believe that RH only cares about the contract dollars, not if the consultant can actually do the job intended."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"long hours, poor compensation structure"

Former Employee - Recruiting Manager says

"You’re basically paying your own salary. The only way to see a true commission is hitting your sales goal for 2 months in a row!"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"No support no training. Managers care about their own quotes. There is no support"


"The company name should be Robert Half Azz. As you will see on another NON-job-related review site the service and lack of honesty and manners with this company is abysmal, and their total rating is a ONE. I was told after this fib and that lie that I was being considered for a job - however, "if you don't get this done by x o’clock, we'll have to send someone else in." (Come to find out it would not have mattered what time I completed that task because someone else had ALREADY been sent in and HAD ALREADY BEEN HIRED!). And also, what the Recruiter was expecting to be completed had never been sent to me, and I had emailed them 3 days prior that I did not have that package but they never replied to that email (another issue that occurred several times). Then a week later, I was called by the same recruiter, and I was told that the first candidate was fired, and that they had sent a temp over (why wasn't I called for THAT?), and that I would have to have this list of references to them & some other documents by 5:00 PM. It was 4:30 PM when THIS demand was MANDATED. However, I could not get it done by 5:00 PM because I was headed to an appt. that I could not cancel. Next, in that same call the Recruiter told me that I would have to start the day after next (which was a Thursday). I asked if the Monday coming would be a possibility, and she said "No, and if you can't start Thursday, we will have to send someone else." (Hear a familiar statement there?). [There were some other "mandates" she had in addition to this one - but you get the gist.] I told her OK that I could start that Thursday and that I would have what she needed to her email by first thing the next morning. I had all of it except the references because I did not know what kind she wanted specifically, and in all of the pandemonium the day before she had never said, and so I stayed up all night long until 4 a.m. preparing everything she had requested including writing an email asking about the references, and I got up at 8:00 a.m. to try to contact her as soon as she got to the office. I was exhausted needless to say for NOTHING. Long story short - she was difficult to reach the entire day. She said that she had received my references and also for someone else (another candidate [that she did not mention the day prior AGAIN], and that they were calling the references and calling the client and going over the 2 applicants and she would get back to me. I left that phone call feeling disconcerted because I felt there were some things that she didn't say, and in retrospect I think once again someone else in that office had already sent someone else to that law firm for the position. But remember I was never told that entire day that I was NOT starting the next day, and I wish I could attach the call where SHE MANDATED THAT ... because I would not look like a fool. Meanwhile, here I am thinking it's likely I'm starting the next day so I move some appointments around that involved OTHER business people INCLUDING an overnight new vehicle warranty appointment for immediate servicing, as well as appointments that cost me money to have to move them (i.e., other service appointments). Next, I got an email that said thank you for the references "we are reaching out." To who? I wrote back? The References? The Client? No reply to that. What on earth does “we’re reaching out” mean??? I actually NEVER got an answer to THAT. That same day I called from my car, and I called again after I returned from rushing around, I called again and left a voice mail and said that I had a bad feeling in my gut again and felt that I had been misled AGAIN, AND I also emailed “Please Call Me” .... I was getting very frustrated. And for a short period of time I had let my housemate’s dog sitter go because I was able to let them out during the day, and with the one day notice we had no one to do it, and the distance would have been too far to accommodate that, and so we were both trying to get THAT TAKEN CARE OF!! Would Robert Half Azz care?? NO, THEY DIDN’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING INCLUDING EVEN ME!!! (A profit center!) Next, it's Thursday!!!! No job. No contact from Robert Half Azz - Nothing. 3 References sat by the phone on Wednesday (2 cancelled THEIR PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS!!) waiting for the call because she said "Let them know they need to be right by the phone." (Why would a professional say something like that – and ESPECIALLY WHEN IT WAS NOT true!??) Then ONLY ONE reference was called was called that Wednesday, and they were not spoken to UNTIL THURSDAY - EVEN THOUGH THEY SAT "WAITING FOR THE CALL" THE DAY BEFORE!! Then I got a written email (no phone call AFTER ALL OF THIS) that said that all my references were called. THAT WAS A LIE!!!! WHY WOULD THEY LIE ABOUT THAT? And I knew it was a lie because the 2 that weren't called by Robert Half Azz called me and wanted to know WHEN WERE THEY GOING TO BE CALLED? And the first reference called me and read what she said, and it was glowing - THERE WERE NO ISSUES WITH MY CAREER HISTORY; MY REFERENCES; NOTHING! Note that the Robert Half Azz Recruiter made it clear that “I could not be sent to the job without my references being checked.” Yet they were doing nothing to check them? Smell the same fishy smell I smell?? And then I got an email that the position had been referred to their "permanent department" and that she would be in touch with me regarding other opportunities. What other opportunities??? I AM seeking Permanent Employment!!! Why wouldn’t THAT DEPARTMENT BE CONTACTING ME??? At this point there were so many lies and details that had happened that I was beyond disgusted! We all know these latest emails were ALL BLATANT LIES, and someone had been sent over there again or maybe the temp person was the hired person. Who knows … after so many lies … it’s all lies. But do you do want to put yourself through this??? You DON'T! And if you are looking for an Employee ... do you want candidates that are just rushed from somewhere and thrown into a box for you to pick from??? This is why many of their hires DO NOT WORK OUT! They are DISHONEST & THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE QUALITY OF ACTIONS. I called the office late Thursday afternoon and asked for THE Manager, and was told he was out sick that but that they would email him my concerns. I got a nice person on the phone that said she would absolutely keep my call confidential, and that when it comes to business no one was her “friend.” She did pass on the information, and unfortunately, when the Manager called me Thursday night from his cell phone, I wasn't right by my phone. He left a message asking me to call him back on his cell phone. The next morning, right away I texted him I was sorry I had missed his call and that I didn't want to jump right in to my concerns if he was still out sick or back at work and slammed - but that I wanted him to know that all my calls with the Recruiter had been recorded, and to be please be cautious when believing the he said/she said thing because the Recruiter was going to LIE. THAT WAS A GIVEN. Since then???? The Manager will not return my calls or email me or text me. A very senior person in another one of their offices (but different branch) has told me that the Manager's unwillingness to hear the calls and/or listen to what she did is a bad sign about the entire behavior in that office/ company! Lastly, prior to the Manager calling me that evening, I emailed the Recruiter and called them out on the LIE that they had called all 3 of my references and that I knew something shady had taken place again like the first time, and that I was upset that I had been disrespected; that my contacts’ time had been disrespected; and that I knew much of what had been said to me was not true, and that I was so disappointed and outraged that a “professional” would tell me I had to be somewhere and then not even get back to me. I also said that I did not see her being a teammate to me. AND YOU WANT THAT IN A RECRUITER … regardless of how many they represent … you want to feel that YOU ARE ALSO REPRESENTED! I sent those emails with receipts, and each email was opened over 10 times ON FRIDAY. She forwarded them. Opened them on her phone. It must have somehow been important to generate so many receipts with the variety of IP Addresses that were indicated ... yet no phone call or email back to me. No apology. No truth. Nothing. Just a jillion email receipts in my inbox. Do yourself a favor ... FIND A RECRUITER THAT DOESN'T HAVE HALF IN THEIR NAME. BECAUSE YOU DON'T EVEN GET HALF THE TRUTH WITH THIS COMPANY!"

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